How did the Animals in Hands journery start?

Several years ago I doubted if I’d ever be running my own business let alone running a business that would be far more of a pleasure than that of a chore! This was not because of self-doubt or a lack of ambition but basically because I was missing the opportunity I needed to get started in something that I really wanted to do.

Today, Animals in Hands is more of a passion than a business with my animals meaning everything to me; at times I can be totally consumed with them as they really do give me a great deal of pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I have a life away from my business and I also enjoy the company of the human species, but to be able to spend a day working with animals and sharing my knowledge, passion and love of them with others is such a bonus.

The missing opportunity happened when I least expected it. I got into conversation with an Education Consultant at an event I attended at the LG Arena in Birmingham, who, during ten minute of just chatting, showed me that through the power of positive thinking there was nothing but nothing stopping me from doing what I really wanted to do! He put me in touch with a colleague who was a Head teacher and the rest is history. This was in the November, by the following April, Animals in Hands was up and running.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a time consuming passion to have as a business, involving being round 24 / 7 and, like everyone else in business out there at the moment, times can be tough. However, in doing something that I really want to do and believe in, I begin and end each day with in an extremely happy and positive mood 🙂