Animals in Hands

Looking for a different stimulus to promote writing? Then Animals in Hands could be the perfect way forward for your pupils, particularly if you engage them in the Big Write strategy.

Current statistics show that in 2008 boys were still trailing behind girls in writing at the end of Key Stage 2. Using Animals in Hands, as a writing stimulus, has proved to be very popular with the reluctant male writers in a number of schools we have visited.

Using a visit from Animals in Hands, as a Big Write stimulus, can either be linked to the literacy unit or, a visit is also the perfect way to develop writing as a cross curricular link. Such cross curricular links are now being commented on as good practice by Ofsted Inspectors who are keen to see evidence of a cross curricular approach to writing in schools.

Animals in Hands, as part of your Big Write, can further raise standards in writing through the development of the writer’s voice by:

  • Becoming the recall of an event in school;
  • Linking it to a world or local event;
  • I.T publishing, reporting the visit of an outside facilitator;
  • Being used as a cross curricular stimulus;
  • Being the stimulus for an awesome adventure story e.g. you come face to face with one of the animals and Big Write may be a narrative imagining you are trapped in the school over night with a 3 metre Burmese python or a Giant Marine Toad!

Animals in Hands

Some schools have also used Animals in Hands to promote Community Cohesion by inviting into school the local playgroup, Nursery or Senior Citizens to share the experience of a visit by Animals in Hands.

Our facilitators can also link the animals to regions and countries other than the UK and explain why those countries are different from the UK.